The VASA Project Online Exhibition Program hosts the work of established and emerging artists in sound, photography, and the digital media arts. Each exhibition is curated by an experienced curator, and in most cases, will be permanently accessible online to educators, critics, historians, researchers, and other viewers.

The VASA Exhibition Program is designed to present, in concert with the exhibition itself, interviews and other contextual material that serves to situate each exhibition in an historical and contemporary context, providing viewers with an enhanced perspective on the work, the artists, and their relation to contemporary theory and practice.

Individuals interested in submitting work should write Requests will be forwarded to the appropriate exhibition curator.


Rui Cepeda (UK)
Igor Manko (Ukraine)
Roberto Muffoletto (USA/Austria)

Guest Curators 2-16-17:
Sinyagur (Ukraine)
Lara Ciarabellini (Italy/, Brazil)
Miha Colner (Slovenia).
Larry Ccatman (USA)
Andera Motta (Greece)

Past Curators:
A.D. Coleman (USA)
Patrick Millard (USA)
Fernanda Pado (Brazil, Slovenia)
Criana Close (USA)
Iris Anam Cara (Slovenia)


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