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To celebrate the moving image VASA presents works from various paradigms and genres.The series is supported through the actions of the VASA community of volunteers.

VASA thanks all the film/video artist and curators for their contribuution and support for the VASA Project.

VASA Film/Video Archive

Film/Video Author(s)
Title is linked to the film
Lenore Rinder "3 films series"

Alen Teller - Jerri Zbiral
"Follow The Box"

Karen Brett
"Psychological States"

Alen Teller - Jerri Zbiral

Miha Colner, curator
Nika Autor, Ann Bilankov, Alban Muja and Yll Citaku, Gildo Bavcevic, Iva Kontic, Sanela Jah ic
Film series: "In the Land of ..."

Carla Della Beffa

Artist Series

Bruce Jackson & Dine Christian
"Death Row"
Carla Della Buffa, curator "Almost Friends: Italian Artist"
Giorgi Mrevishvill "Romote Valleys of Georgia"

Eva Petric
"Eden, Transplantded"

Carla Della Beffa, curator
Alessandra Arnò | Rita Casdia | Grace Graupe Pillard | Willow Gray | Reverie | Evelin Stermitz |

"Six Women" series
Joe Orffeo, Jim Tuttle, Tony DeCorse "7 Beers with the Wrong Woman"

Lawrence Brose

Paul Sharits

Christian Kurz, curator
Alina Tretinjak, Markus Maicher, Christian Kurz

"Vienna Film Coop"

Alena Grom
"Gray Zone"

Polish Women Photographers
"We are into this together"

Richard Blau
"Milwaukee Night and Day"

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