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Polish Women Photographers (PWP) and VASA have formed a partnership that engages both in a visual dialog of exhibitions and film/video screening with a larger international audience.

VASA PWP ExhibitionArchive

Date Author
(linked to the exhibition or video)
2022 Group video The lens of Polish Women Photographers
2022 Anna Hartman Ksycinska Exibition We are real, we are important
2022 Marta Szyszka Exibition Together
2022 Group – video Jestesmy w tym razem
We are in this together
2021 Group Exhibition The Power of imagination
2021 Group Exhibition Documentary:
Obssesion of reality#1
2021 Group Exhibition Obssesion of trality #2
2020 Malgorzata Wakuluk Exhibition Not what you think
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