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The VASA 2020 e-Catalog contains informaiton and direct links to 2020 exhibitions, Jounral on Images and Culture essays, Film/Video series, On Photography and other material.

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VASA 2020 Catalog

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The VASA Project in an online center for media studies. The VASA mission is to provide an online platform for disseminating the work of theorist and image makers on an international scale. The VASA community shares an interest in media studies, photography, film/video and sound.

To meet its mission, VASA supports online curated exhibitions, film/video screenings, the Journal on Images and Culture, The VASA Front Page Exhibitions; On Photography and other projects.

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The VASA Project was founded in July of 2009 and is directed by its founder Roberto Muffoletto.

VASA curators, editors, design and production team and contributors are all volunteers. VASA hosts no ads, is not supported by grants or sells anything.

VASA is a non-profit making organization.

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Roberto Muffoletto
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International Team


Head Curators:
Rui Goncalves Cepeda (Portugal/England)
Igor Manko (Ukraine)
Sandeep Biswas (India)

Invited Curators:
Lara Ciarabellini (Italy/Brazil)
Andrea Motta (Greece)
Sinya Gur (Ukraine)
Paula Scamparini (Brazil)
Larry Chatman (USA)
Stefanie Zorzi (Italy)

Video/Film Series:

Past Invited Curators:
Miha Colner (Slovenia)
Carla Della Beffa (Italy)

Journal on Images and Culture:








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