Pooja Iranna : Contemplating The Urban

Pooja Iranna

Ukraine: In Search of Lost Identity

Grace Graupe-Pillard: Grace Delving into Art

Grace Graupe-Pillard

Chiara Dazi: Moldova

Chiara Dazi

Sudharak Olwe: In Search of Dignity and Justice

Sudharak Olwe

Six Women: Video Installation II

Reloisa Reverie Vezzosi

Mike Amrose: Abstraction


Six Women: Video Installation I

Sandeep Biswas:
India's Story Of Triumph Over Polio and Rajasthan

Sandeep Biswas

Judith Rodriguez: Presentation of Self

Sara & André: Claim to Fame

Sara and Adre

Jerome de Perlinghi

Jerome de Perlinghi

Exhibitions Archive: View 10 years of exhibition

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