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VASA Front Page Project

The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer, video and sound artist.

Videos by:
Nicoleta Avgousti and
Katia Savvides

The sustainability of the circle

I am Alone, Nobody is Here

The sustainability of the circle, 2017, Nicoleta Avgousti
Video, 4’35’’
Music by P.I. Tchaikovsky

Where does the fast pace of our lives take us? How deep will technology interfere with our reality? Can we really predict the years to come? Can we secure our existence? Will happiness exist in some light years from now? What will the sound of the future be?
As we witness the circle of life to be influenced by uncontrollable factors, we wonder about the sustainability of the circle.

I am Alone, Nobody is Here, 2014, Katia Savvides and Nicoleta Avgousti
Video, 3’50’’

In an abandoned village of the countryside of Cyprus, a daily figure, the only habitant, with her identity unaffected, carries the image and the character of a past era. Simultaneously she is an observer and judge of today’s lifestyle through the lives of her children.

Trying to fool time, through a game of then and now, Mrs. Maria of Lazania village situates moments/excerpts from her life, her soul and the time that is gone forever.


Nicoleta Avgousti studied Fine Arts and Visual Arts Education at Valdosta State University, Georgia, USA, and earned her BFA in 1997. She completed her MA Work Based Learning in Fine Arts with distinction in 2006 at Middlesex University, England. For her doctoral dissertation she completed in 2016, she researched the practices of contemporary Cypriot visual artists in video art and the possibilities of approaching video art in visual arts education.  She teaches visual arts education at public primary schools and at the European University Cyprus. She is a Visual Arts Education Advisor for Primary Education at the Ministry of Education and Culture. She has exhibited her work in one solo, one duo, and numerous group exhibitions and arts festivals in Cyprus and abroad.

Katia Savvides completed her BFA in Fine Arts at Bowling Green University, Ohio, USA, in 1993, where she studied painting, mixed techniques - contemporary and experimental applications. She completed her graduate studies in Multimedia with distinction in 2011 at the University of Northampton, England. She works as a Visual Arts Education Advisor at the Office of the Art Inspector of Secondary Education, Μinistry of Education and Culture, and she teaches visual arts education in public secondary schools in Cyprus. She has exhibited her work in four solo exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad and participated in many group exhibitions.
Savvides and Avgousti have been working collectively since 2014. Their video art is exhibited online at and at

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VASA Front Page
presents the work of photographers,
video or sound artist for one month.

Front Page Archive 2017  
Rui Pedro Chagas (Portugal) Natalya Reznik (Germany)
Stephen Perloff (USA) Stefania Zorzi (Italy)
Noemi Veberič Levovnik (Slovenia) Igor Manko (Ukraine)
Paul Marotta (USA) Singing (Ukraine, Austria)
Kyunghee Lee (South Korea) Steve Cagan (USA)
Nicoleta Avgousti (Cyprus)
Katia Savvides
Front Page Archive 2015-16  
Carla Della Beffa (Italy) FAXEN (Austria)
Michael Mastrototaro (Austria) Eva Petric (Slovenia)
Paula Scamparini (Brazil) Austin Irving (USA)
Misha Pedan (Ukraine) Masa Lancner (Slovenia)
Klaus Pamminger (Austria) Brigitte Konyen (Austria)
Lara Ciarabellini (Italy) Michael Amrose (USA)
Nikola Mihov (Bulgaria) Victor Sokolov (Ukraine)
Dennis Church (USA) Jennifer Schlesinger (USA)
Karen Brett (UK) Beth Moon (USA)
Julia Polunina-But (Ukraine) Joanna Epstein (Spain)
Alexandra Bočková (Czech Repub) Fadi Amraish (Palestine)
Ani Zur (Ukraine) Paul Genin (USA)

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