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The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer, video, or sound artist.

Victor Corwic

We Remain

© Victor Corwic of zhúzhalka

Thousands of people in the conflict zone (Donetsk, Ukraine) don't have an opportunity, physical or financial, to leave the war territory.
From phone calls they know that their relatives are all right. They say there is peace there, heavy armaments shots are almost not heard, they shoot just a little, time to time. And there was food in the stores, a neighbor said that. It's okay, do not worry. Virtual communication with the loved ones is replaced gradually by voices heard from the inside of their heads.

All is confused and mixed up. Our troops? The enemy troops? Who is who? No one knows. It is only a quiet little world inside, an inner bunker.

About Victor Corwic of zhúzhalka

zhúzhalka group is an artist's collective founded in Donetsk, Ukraine, in 2012 by Victor Corwic, Viacheslav Sokolov nd Roman Yukhimchyuk.

The collective members straddle artistic practices with professional activities in architecture, design, programming and economics. Initially, the collective’s main interest was in the exploration of the heritage of Donbas area through a self-published and eponymously titled zine that used photography as its main language. zhúzhalka were interested in pushing the limits of photography as a self-standing medium, and testing its ability to deviate from representation. Subsequently, the collective has expanded their engagement with other media forms and artistic formats, often exploring the links between scientific rationalities, the social and the anecdotal. Despite the fact that the recent events in Donetsk and Ukraine have separated the group geographically, the members are continuing their collaboration.

Website: zhuzhaika

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The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer,
video, or sound artist.

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I Am Charlie

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