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The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer, video, or sound artist.


Audio Composition: Volumes


score© FAXEN: Volumes Score

Audio: " Volumes" by FAXEN
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Various auditory characteristics of the Lentos Art Museum served as the starting-point for a composition which focuses on reverberation and acoustic reflection. The artist collective FAXEN invited percussionists to perform within 4 different rooms of the museum, and to adjust their tempo in response to each room's particular reverberation time. These live performances were recorded to form a composition that peaks in a synchronised drum stroke, which links the four selected rooms for a brief moment.


Since 2004, Clemens Mairhofer, Lucas Norer, and Sebastian Six have worked together in the artist collective FAXEN. Their acoustic experiments in connection with items of everyday life, sculptural assemblages, and the physical element of sound constitute the main aspects of the group’s musical and visual compositions. Specifically, the works of the artist group, FAXEN, deal with the moments when noise becomes music and they explore the difference between hearing and active listening.

In 2011, they graduated from The University of Art & Design, Linz. Since then FAXEN has shown their work in gallery spaces, contemporary art museums, and festivals including: Manifesta8 – Parallel Events Murcia, Ars Electronica Festival, Lentos Art Museum Linz, Das Weisse Haus Vienna, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, Galerie 5020 Salzburg, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Groce Genoa, EX3 Centro Per L’Arte Contemporanea Florence.

Alongside their artistic work FAXEN runs the gallery bb15 in Linz/Austria (

Faxen Collective:

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The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer,
video, or sound artist.

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