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Front Page Project

video by: © Michael Mastrototaro [MACHFELD] 2008


The world of dreams and the representation of a shaky reality shift into a common image, a revealing projection. The soundlessly barking dog at the start cannot drive us away. Our gaze is directed into an open landscape and towards farm animals. Both menacing and graceful, erratic movement is put on the stage. Gestures of the familiar amid the grassy landscape rather heighten the feeling of apprehension. The strangeness of the interruptions, of the arrhythmic, strips the film of its surface layer of illusion. Elements of the substrate push their way in and claim space outside the dogmatic and traditional regime of the casually accepted machinery. The imminent encounter between human and animal culminates in a show of strength between sinewy arms and brawny legs, never reaching an ultimate conclusion. The merry-go-round of inescapable sequence, both beautiful and horrible, starts anew with unchanged intensity, and no release comes.


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The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer, video, or sound artist for one month.

I Am Charlie

We can not let a few take away our voices.
VASA stands with others who stand.