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The Remote Valleys of Georgia:
Three Documentary Films by Georgian Film Maker Giorgi Mrevlishvili

Giorgi Mrevlishvili earned his MFA in Film from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA) in 2013. He received MsocSc (2004) and B.J. (2006) degree in International Journalism from Tbilisi State University (Georgia). In 2010 he became a finalist for the Berlin Today Award at Berlinale Talents with the project “Reflection”. His film “Zurabi” (2006) made with french Ateliers Varan was awarded as the best Georgian documentary of 2007 at the Niamori Film Festival and “The Remote Valleys of Caucasus” (2011) received the Jury Special Prize at Bastau Film Festival. Mrevlishvili has produced and directed numerous documentaries, short fiction and experimental films through 2004-2017. He is interested in practicing different modes of filmmaking fusing reality and fictional elements. Along with other ongoing projects, he is writing a book exploring experimental processes in a documentary film.

January 2018

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Videos and text are © Giorgi Mrevlishvili

The Remote Valleys of Caucasus

video HD, 33' (2011)
Production: X-Form

In 1920-1930-s Georgia was visited by William Osgood Field, an American geologist and glaciologist. Field captured over 500 ethnographic photos, three films and has written hundreds of notes about the country. He was especially interested in Svaneti, a delightful mountainous region of Georgia. After 80 years Field’s rich archive was accidentally discovered by Professor Irakli Iakobashvili. Through Osgood’s rich archive materials Iakobashvili followed the path of W.O. Field and his adventure in Georgia. The film tries to reconstruct the history, fusing reality and fiction, by reconnecting different times within the same space.


video SD, 22' (2006)
Production: Atelier’s Varan

Zurab Sujashvili is a mountaineer living in a small Georgian village named Gergeti, Gergeti is on the way to Mount Kazbek (5033 meters high). The film explores Zurabi’s everyday life, traditions, family and his philosophical take on a man and the mountain.

video HD 11' (2010) 
Production: A-Film

The Georgian village Ushguli lays in the Upper Svaneti to the North-East from Tbilisi. Located 2,200 meters above sea-level, it is one of the highest-populated locations in Europe and is a Unesco World Heritage site. Georgian documentary filmmaker Giorgi Mrevlishvili organized a film screening for this remote magical place. All the village’s inhabitants were invited. What will a film change? What happens when people forget about their social mask? What will the human faces express when they reflect moving images? Mrevlishvili is trying to discover the answers to these questions and through magic power of cinema.

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