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The Buffalo Series

The "Buffalo Series" is an evolving platform exhibiting the work of Buffalo based film and video artist.

Buffalo New York (USA) has a rich history in the visual arts. Home to the Burchfield Penny Art Center, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, CEPA Gallery, Hallwalls, Center for Media Studies and many other cultural organizations and exhibition spaces. In the 1960s and 70s Buffalo was a hub of energy and creativity attracting and supporting the work of many artist. In 2012 the Albright-Knox Art Gallery posted an exhibition titled: Wish You Were Here: The Buffalo Avent-garde in the 1970s (currated by Heather Pesanti).

Seven Beers With The Wrong Woman

A 1947 Film by Joe Orffeo, Jim Tuttle and Tony DeCorse

This is an early avant-garde independent film made in 1947. Directed by Tony DeCorse with with Buffalo artist Joe Orffeo, Jim Tuttle, Mary DeCorse and John Cosline.

* VASA thanks the Linda Orffeo Archive for permission to stream and archive Five Beers With The Wrong Woman.

Tony DeCorse: Seven Beers with the Wrong Woman.1947.(length: 14 min)
* Note: The digital recoding of the film is low quality.

Videos may go full screen.

The 13 minute short black & white film, “Seven Beers with the Wrong Woman”, Directed by Anthony "Tony" DeCorse and based off the original 1940 song of the same name by Tommy Tucker and is a pantomime drama that uses papier-mâché masks & cardboard painted scenery to illustrate the folk song about true love lost. Joe Orffeo created the set paintings and played the 'Piano Player'; Tony DeCorse designed the sets, music, masks & costumes and he played the 'Singing Waiter'; Mary DeCorse played the 'Woman'; Jim J. Tuttle producer & cameras and he played 'The Drunk'; and John Cosline as the 'Bartender', Medusa Films Buffalo, NY. The film was shown at the Buffalo Film Makers, CEPA Gallery and at the International Cinema, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library permanent collection (VHS tape).

Source: Burchfield Penny Art Center. December 2019.

The VASA film/video series showcases works of international video and filmmakers. To celebrate the moving image VASA presents works from various paradigms and genres.The series is supported through the actions of the VASA community of volunteers.


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