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VASA film screening ... March – April 2018

Performance Art Video: Eden, Transplanted by Eva Petric

A multi media installation and performance

A performance based on video projections, poetry, sound and lace installation,
written, directed and produced by Eva Petric, stemming from her cooperation with medical
institutions around the world (the Foundation Favaloro Buenos Aires; The Medicor Izola, the
Medical School of Ljubljana’s University; the AKH – Vienna University Clinics) and ESA-
the European Space Agency and CERN, the European Nuclear Research Centre.

* VASA thanks Eva Petric for permission to stream and archive Eden, Transplanted.

© Eva Petric Length: 13:30
Videos may go full screen.

Eden transplanted, live performance by Eva Petric at the occassion of the World Heart Day and the 50-years anniversary of the first successful human heart transplantation and heart by-pass surgery, organized by MC Medicor, Cankarjev dom Performing Arts Centre Ljulbljana, Slovenia.

Synopsis: Eden did not begin or end with Eva. Eva, appearing in every human, is on a search for a new home for mankind after prospects for a future on Earth are shattered. Intertwined with video projections within a lace installation, this performance frames Eva as the first case of human organ transplantation. And it exports the idea of Mitochondrial Eva into outer space.

Director: Eva Petric. Composer: EvaPetric in cooperation with Matija Strnisa. Male Voice: Oliver Zehetner. Choreography and Movement Direction: Janis Brenner. Lace installation by Eva Petric. Video projected onto lace installation; Eva Petric. Video of the live performance: Artis Filmproduction (Ivan Klaric)

Eva Petric, born in Slovenia, lives in New York, Vienna, Austria, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. She works
in photography, video, performance, installation and writing. 2005 BA psychology, visual art, Webster
University Vienna; 2010 MFA new media, Transart Institute New York/Berlin. Currently she had 40 solo and 62 group exhibitions in Slovenia, Argentina, Austria, China, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Poland,Serbia, Philippines, Spain, Turkey and USA. She was selected three times for Beijing International Art Biennale (2012, 2015 and 2017), and nominated for Venice Art Biennale 2013 and 2015.

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