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In The Lenses Of Polish Women Photographers


In cooperation with the Polish Women Photographers group and VASA.

Special video screening in cooperation with the Polish Woman Photographers group and VASA.
Video: 5:23

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2022: In The Lenses Of Polish Women Photographers

Analogous to the previous year, Polish Women Photographers organized a review of the passing year in the eyes of Polish female photographers. The Grand Finali of the project titled “2022 in the lenses of Polish Women Photographers”.  

The first live meeting of the PWP group members took place on Dec 6th, 2022 in Warsaw. Considering, it’s been just over two years since the first PWP post and the first exhibition and the polish women photographer promotional material saw the world, the number of attendees present at the event of this event exceeded the most secret expectations of the organizers. The interview was hosted with Ania Bedynska (who is the initiator of the Year in the Lenses of Polish Women Photographers project ), and Malgorzata Wakuluk – the Founder of Polish Women Photographers.

This is the third edition of the unique summary of the past year by Polish photographers.

The open-call call for images received about 300 photographss, many of which addressed important social issues with a powerful story behind each of them. We received moving and important material. Many of the covered topics, appear at our fingertips, but we often do not notice them. We truly believe, thanks to the feminine sixth sense, their indescribable sensitivity to every - even the smallest detail - of our everyday lives - we have the great privilege to show snapshots of their stories in this 2022 image review.

Believe us, this was … a difficult year.

Thank You,

Polish Women Photographers Staff






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