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VASA Front Page Exhibitions
presents the work of emerging and established photographers, video or sound artists.

Dmytro Kupriyan


Dmytro Kuprlyab

© Dmytro Kupriyan

Curator: Igor Manko

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“People have adjusted the environment for the needs of their comfort and thus transformed it. We have erected cities, confined ourselves in apartment buildings, joined shores with bridges and turned paths into roads and highways. And still we dream to be closer to nature, decorating our homes with natural materials, growing plants, etc.
Are we happy with our private living spaces? Should we reconsider our modus vivendi?
In this project I research human environment and the homo sapiens’s need of the acquired as opposed to the natural.” (From Dmytro Kupriyan’s artist statement)

Dmytro Kupriyan’s Home  is a series of light installations that merge landscapes and cityscapes into phantasmagorical night images where manmade objects invade natural surroundings. With a portable computer projector the artist projects his cityscape images over the scenery of trees, rivers and rocks at nighttime and takes a photo of the resulting two-layered reality. This photo-of-a-photo approach adds a conceptual dimension to his strikingly convincing and beautifully produced set of works.

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Curator note:

Dmytro Kupriyan (b. 1982) is a photographer and a photojournalist from Kyiv, Ukraine. He worked as a photojournalist at UNIAN news agency.

"I started to work on the topic of tortures and for three years I was developing a project about tortures in Ukrainian police (project "TORTURED"), then I shifted to the topic of violence in a wider meaning making projects about war in Ukraine (projects "Fragments of War", "Banality of Aggression" and "When The War Is Over”).

In 2018 VASA exhibited Dmytro Kupriyan’s When The War Is Over project (

“For an artist making a work of current interest the means of expression remain a matter of choice: a documentary image, often leaving the interpretation to the beholder's eye, or a contemporary art piece where the reading or interpretation can be prescribed. Dmytro Kupriyan’s work oscillates between the two extremes, in effect covering the entire range of approaches.” (When The War Is Over, curatorial statement)

© Igor Manko


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Dmytro Kupriyan© Dmytro Kupriyan (artist at work)

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VASA Front Page Exhibitions
presents the work of photographers,
film/video or sound artist.

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