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VASA film series ... "In the Land of..."

A VASA film series by documentary based artists' from former Yugoslavia
Curated by Miha Colner

The following video series showcases works of artists and filmmakers from the territory of former Yugoslavia who work in the field of so called “artists' moving image”. The series is conceived as a subjective insight into the production of documentary based films, which for their unconventional character would not be screened in cinemas but rather showcased in a gallery environment. Ten selected artists predominantly focus on social, political and economic issues of the post-socialist states that have undergone immense structural changes in the past two decades, and critically analyze the general or particular situation in their immediate surroundings.

In War and Revolution, 2011
a film by Ana Bilankov

Time: 15: 03
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Ana Bilankov is a multimedia artist who lives and works between Berlin and Zagreb. She develops a conceptual practice that includes photographs, video, text and multimedia installations. The central thematic focus of her artistic investigation are poetics/politics of dislocation, migration, nomadism, the phenomena of no-places and construction of identity within “in-between-ness”. Throughout her life Bilankov has had to move between different places, cultures and languages which impacted her perception geographically, culturally and psychologically.

Ana Bilankov, In War and Revolution, 2011
DigiBeta, 15`03”, color, sound
Scriptwriter, Director and Cinematographer: Ana Bilankov
Editor: Staša ?elan
Music and Sound Designer: Boris Wagner
Line Producer: Marija Ratkovi? Vidakovi?
Producer: Vera Robi? Škarica / Croatian Film Association
Support provided by: HAVC, Croatian Audiovisual Center, Zagreb



Curatorial Statement:

In War and Revolution, 2011

Ana Bilankov’s experimental-documentary video In War and Revolution (2011) investigates the personal and collective amnesia that occurred during political changes of the early 1990s in Croatia. Bilankov employs a structure of parallel editing and an interview with the author’s 97-year-old grandmother, who tries to remember her youth as a teacher during the anti-fascist movement during the World War II by looking at a photograph from the book The School in War and Revolution. The artist interviews the local intellectuals on the subject of removal of inappropriate books on ideological grounds from bookstores and libraries by the new Croatian government of the early 1990s.

© Miha Colner

About the curator Miha Colner:

Miha Colner (1978) is an art historian who works in different fields of contemporary art as an independent curator, writer, editor and lecturer. Specialized in photography, video and  other forms of media art he is engaged in number of local and international projects focusing on research, analysis and curatorial presentation of significant currents in recent art making. Since 2006 he has been working as a curator and program coordinator at Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography (based in Ljubljana and Vienna), a non-profit organization focused on exploring and presenting contemporary photography and artists' moving image.  Since 2005 he has been contributing articles, interviews and essays to number of newspapers, magazines, radio programs, and specialized publications. Currently he is a lecturer of Modern and Contemporary Art (20th and 21st century) at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia / Italy). He lives and works in Ljubljana.  
















About Karen Brett

Brett’s intentions are not to describe or illustrate but to visually question our sense of existence and challenge our perceptions of morality which in turn controls our differing views and perspectives.

Karen received her MA in Photography from the London College of Communications. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Photography, Institute of Photography at Falmouth University (UK).

Funded by The Arts Council, England.

Film sereis funded by VASA.

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