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A VASA video series ... Carla Della Beffa

Carla Della Beffa is a video, photo and relational artist. Formerly art director and creative director in international advertising agencies, she has had experiences (and exhibitions) as a painter and a net-artist. After commuting for thirteen years between Milan and Paris, she now lives in Milan but is actively involved in international residencies, exhibitions and festivals.

Since 2011, her artistic research focuses on economy issues and their social impact. She continues to address the relational side of life, gender and age issues.

The video work of Carla Della Beffa will cover four installments –
February, March, April and May 2017.
The video series is archived.

May 2017
(Fourth of four installments)

You know how you react to events and situation: you're happy, unhappy, upset, angry... I too react, and then try to transform the emotion into something less personal, more inclusive, sometimes humorous, or subtext-revealing. Not universal, but with a larger scope than me, me, me.

-- Carla Della Beffa, 2017


The four videos in this selection are below

Note: Videos may go full screen. All videos are © Carla Della Beffa


2003, video, 3'10"

For years, form March to October, builders were working in my neighborhood. I could not work, and that made me unhappy. Until I started to record their voices and make a video.

Une Saison en Enfer
(A Season in Hell)

2004, video, 1'20"

Interpreting my way the famous text by Arthur Rimbaud. As I often do, I work on the subtext: a "season" means a limited period. There's still hope.


2014, video, 45"

Inventing a harbor in honor of water, approx. the 60% of a human body and so essential to life.

Aprile è il più crudele dei mesi
(April is the cruellest month)

2001, video, 60"

Spring? When we dream of it, it's wonderful. But when it actually comes it's not so easy to live. Just like love...

VASA is supporting a four month video series by Carla Della Beffa. Carla Della Beffa is an artist based in Milano, Italy.  Each installment consists of video dialogs addressing a particular theme or position. This marks the third VASA film and video series.  All films are archived on the VASA site and are under copyright of the filmmaker. 

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