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A VASA video series ... Carla Della Beffa

Carla Della Beffa is a video, photo and relational artist. Formerly art director and creative director in international advertising agencies, she has had experiences (and exhibitions) as a painter and a net-artist. After commuting for thirteen years between Milan and Paris, she now lives in Milan but is actively involved in international residencies, exhibitions and festivals.

Since 2011, her artistic research focuses on economy issues and their social impact. She continues to address the relational side of life, gender and age issues.

The video work of Carla Della Beffa will cover four installments –
February, March, April and May 2017.
The video series is archived.

March 2017
(Second of four installments)

I love reading, and many of the books I read suggest to me new research.
I never know what ideas may come out of it.
My videos about the themes of life and love are often inspired by literature
and by what happens around me. As Picasso said, You always paint yourself.

-- Carla Della Beffa, 2017


The four videos in this selection are

Note: Videos may go full screen. All videos are © Carla Della Beffa

The 4-Minute Proust

2014, video, PAL, 4'

Moving snapshots of what I love best in Marcel Proust's A la recherche du Temps Perdu. I'm reading a pass near the end of the last volume, where the author explains his art of finding in casual sensations the memories that bring back whole worlds forgotten in the past.

Music by Francesco Zago with a piano piece by Anton Webern played by Maurizio Fasoli.


2004, video PAL, stereo, 5'

Some classics have inspired hundreds of artists, directors and musicians, and King Solomon's Ecclesiastes is one of them. "Vanity is vanity, and all is vanity" is one of the most famous phrases in Western culture, inviting to enjoy and respect life and to consider death as a fundamental part of it.

Original music by Renato Rivolta.

Petit Chaperon Rouge

2010, video HD, stereo, 3'

Unveiling the meaning of the original tale Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) by Charles Perrault. He meant to help girls to avoid sexual harassment and rape. Actors read the original words as in Perrault's time, and keywords explain their real meaning.
It is a video about sexuality, which is part of us, at every age, and it questions desire and violence, sexism and agism.

Masters & Mentors

2015, video HD, 3'

Many people --past and present, men and women, writers and artists, childhood friends and lovers-- inspired and taught me, often without even knowing. They made me who I am. Here are some, by no means all of them.

Thank you.


VASA is supporting a four month video series by Carla Della Beffa. Carla Della Beffa is an artist based in Milano, Italy.  Each installment consists of video dialogs addressing a particular theme or position. This marks the third VASA film and video series.  All films are archived on the VASA site and are under copyright of the filmmaker. 

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