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Psychological States: Horses Warped on a Altering Canvas

‘Horses Warped on an Altering Canvas’ is a portrayal of a young woman engaging in her everyday ritual of ‘mirror checking’ - a common symptom associated with Body Dysmorphia. The psychology behind the work brings together the subject and the viewer: we watch from behind the mirror whilst the subject looks into it, not knowing we are there.

The mirror acts like a switch for the subject and ‘turns on’ an obsession of repetitive behavior that is magnified by the minds eye. Recurrent thoughts ferment whilst this familiar routine is carried out, causing excruciating distress for the sufferer that will hinder her everyday function due to being locked into this pattern of behavior.

The piece allows us to study the subject at close proximity from behind the mirror. She is completely absorbed with her own reflection, “a reflection”, we the viewer cannot see. The mirror only captures her own perception of reality: horse like shapes moving in and around her face.

Funded by the Arts Council, England.

Time: 6:50
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About Karen Brett

Brett’s intentions are not to describe or illustrate but to visually question our sense of existence and challenge our perceptions of morality which in turn controls our differing views and perspectives.

Karen received her MA in Photography from the London College of Communications. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Photography, Institute of Photography at Falmouth University (UK).

Funded by The Arts Council, England.

Film sereis funded by VASA.

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