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VASA Front Page Exhibitions presents the work of emerging and established photographers, video or sound artists.

Vanda Spengler

"Mater Dolorosa"

Spengler© Vanda Spengler

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Curator: Stefania Zorzi

Artist Statement:

I was born in Switzerland in 1982 in a whimsical and word-loving family. My grandmother was the french feminist novelist Régine Deforges. From her, I inherited a certain taste for transgression and freedom of expression. Nudity has always been simple to me and the relationship to the body unrestricted by any taboos. I knew very early on that image would be my main medium. I discovered photography through my passion for cinema. I began exploring nude self-portrait, like Narcissus on edge. The need to capture other bodies in their rawness and imbalances imposed itself on me. Since then, my commitment has been to shine a light on the diversity of bodies.

I don’t want to show these perfect bodies. I want all bodies to be seen and tamed, whatever they are, from children to old people. I assert that nudity can reveal flaws more than desire. I explore the tyrannical boundaries between the decent and the obscene, between the presentable and the immovable, between the beautiful and the ugly.

The photographs presented for the FPE come from different series.




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View Exhibition "Mater Dolorosa"

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