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Paulina Bajorowicz


Bajorowicz© Paulina Bajorowicz, Anaklia

View Exhibition "Anaklia"

View Exhibition "Anaklia: Leaving"

Curator: Igor Manko

Curatorial Comment::

The sea, seagulls, enormous empty beaches — a paradise for someone looking for “getting away from it all”, dropping, albeit temporarily, out of the rat race. Seagull screams and splashes of waves… And then you see that weird structure, all glass and metal, standing in the middle of nowhere, evidently empty and unattended. And you suddenly realize that something is completely wrong here, that the sea, the seagulls, and the beaches -- they are all part of a larger picture, a phantasmagoric, almost lunar scenery. That there must have been a story, a history to that place, and quite a recent one.

Bajorowicz© Paulina Bajorowicz, Anaklia Leaving

Artist Statement:

“Anaklia is a seaside village on the northwestern coast of Georgia. A big and impressive hotel, a bizarre viewing tower, a catwalk with palms, and a pedestrian bridge are the eye-catchers of the place. At the first glance, Anaklia seems to have everything to be a seaside resort. But its recent history is strongly affected by Georgian-Abkhazian-Russian political conflict. In 2008 Anaklia was a war zone with Russian tanks in the streets, when Abkhazia, a state bordering with Anaklia, declared independence from Georgia. Not much later, due to the village's strategic location, the president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili started its transformation into a luxury seaside town. After his political party lost power, the investment was stopped. Has time stopped in Anaklia, too?”

View Exhibition "Anaklia"

View Exhibition "Anaklia: Leaving"

About the artist:

Paulina Bajorowicz was born in 1993 in Gliwice, southern Poland. She has been taking part in a private photography course. Fragility and impermanence of moments and places are her greatest inspiration in photography.

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