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Marco Circhirillo

"The theater of The Ego"

© Marco Circhirillo

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Curator: Stefania Zorzi

Artist Statement:

My picture bear my own sign: they show the multiplicity and fragmentariness of the Ego, in a process of splitting of the personality.

The theme of identity is the main one: the human machine (body / mind) and the real essential self (soul). We imagine that we are one "I", but in reality we are many different "I's". Considering ourselves as one is the biggest mistake we make: it is a great illusion. We are actually divided into hundreds of different "I's". From here come all the phobias of our mind, first of all the fear of death and the awareness of the passing of time.

© Marco Circhirillo

Contrapositions and contradictions vanish when we can accept them as ontological to our existence, so that pain and grief also become means of understanding. Through them we experience real world’s boundaries, and we raise ourselves where the borders between opposites shade till every contrast is dissolved.

I use the camera to create my visions.  

Everything starts from a vision. Then, this vision gets crystallized. There is an incomprehensible mosaic within each of us. My will is to make it visible. Consequently, I think that there are more "selves" to deal with in each of us. We are not simply “one”, but a multitude, or a legion, of ego. Hence, my project to try to portray the different "selves" within the same person and thus give rise to an impossible portrait.

The ego explodes and the single entity becomes a whole mass.
And the impossible becomes possible.

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About the artist:

Marco Circhirillo (Parma, 1980) graduated in History of Contemporary Art (Master Degree) at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Parma.

His expressive research mainly focuses on the use of the photographic medium (both analog and digital) to investigate humans and their identity, in all its facets.

As regards his international photography awards, in 2020 he won the MTArt Agency Partner Award as part of the Art Rights Prize of the MTArt Agency, a London reality dedicated to the promotion of the most talented emerging artists.

From 2017 to 2018, he distinguished himself in the Portrait/Self-Portrait section of the PX3, The Prix de la Photographie, in Paris and in 2018 he received a Honorable Mention from the Moscow Foto Awards, while in 2014 he was ranked 1st in the Self-Portrait section of Limen Art in Vibo Valentia. Among his main solo exhibitions, we remember From Dusk till dawn, 2021, curated by Fabbrica Eos Molteplici, 2016, curated by S. Simonini and A. Malagoli at Zenone Contemporanea (Reggio Emilia) and also Psicotropie, 2016.

In 2014, the monograph Marco Circhirillo – Doppelgänger, published by Rubbettino and curated by G. Bonomi, was presented at Photissima Art Fair & Festival (Turin), while in 2013 Marco Circhirillo participated to collective exhibition Il corpo solitario - L’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea, which also became a book published by Rubbettino and edited by G. Bonomi.
Marco Circhirillo lives and works in Parma.


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