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Graziano Filippini

Filippini© Graziano Filippini

Curator: Stefania Zorzi

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Curators Statement

The “Claustrophobia” photographic project by Graziano Filippini shows us claustrophobia not simply as a pathological fear, but also as an exasperated and inconsolable sense of loneliness and frustration.
The pictures exhibited here depict places depopulated by an indifferent humanity where stillness becomes implacable and an escape route is unlikely. The photographs speak about desolation, carelessness and the closure of spaces as a mirror of a broken, empty everyday life.

Filippini intentionally and consciously creates distressing, cold and claustrophobic atmospheres. Using a photographic style drawing upon the dark tones of black and white, where colors are de-saturated to shape the images, all suggesting a feeling of oppression.

Graziano Filippini first creates the shot, he manipulates the real to deliver us a dramatically surreal work in the name of extreme experimentalism.

© Graziano Filippini/Stefania Zorzi

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Filippi© Graziano Filippini

About Graziano Filippini

Professional photographer since 1985, Graziano Filippini started as a studio portraitist. Over the years he cultivated a conceptual approach to photography by experimenting with the techniques of the Masters. He loves the photographic image and not the camera as a sophisticated technological medium.

Filippini understands the image as a consequence of an emotion, deep knowledge of this art and of the experience that no medium can replace.

Linked to this concept is the fact that for Filippini, taking care of the moment is the very essence of photography. His passion goes beyond the idea of stopping the moment as it is. From the image he seeks his own personal interpretation that is not only technically perfect, but that involves the mind of the observer.

He collaborates with various artistic and scientific publications and for the last 6 years he is the artistic curator of the SEGNI Festival (Capo di Ponte – BS – Italy). He works in Capo di Ponte (BS-Italy).

Solo Exhibitions:
-Panta rhei hos potamos- Everything flows like a river
-In obstinate and opposite direction


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