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Fran Forman

"Midnight Sun"

Forman© Fran Forman

Curator: Sandeep Biswas

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In her body of work “Midnight Sun” American photographer Fran Forman recreates a painterly world of mystery and fantasy to release  and lose herself  into her own creative universe. The images traverse through an unknown world, where the characters of her story as well as the viewers submerge themselves into this uncanny and extraordinary world.

My first reaction to Fran’s work is that of a visual poet, a dreamer and an idealist living in a practical world of physicalities, yet never giving up on the faith in her dreamlike world of contradictions. These contradictions are a way of life, that question the conscious and the subconscious, the reality and the perception, the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Her fairy tale world seems to have evolved out of  a process of many extremely creative years that discovered the use of camera amalgamating with support of changing technology to enhance her storytelling and imagery opening a surreal world for the viewer.

Fran calls her works photo paintings, which are actually way beyond what they seem to appear to the naked eye and the thinking mind.

© Sandeep Biswas

About the artist:

Forman's photo paintings have been exhibited widely, both locally and internationally, and are in many private collections as well the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (Washington, DC), the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Grace Museum (Texas), the Sunnhordland Museum (Norway), Western Carolina University Fine Art Museum, the Comer Collection at the University of Texas, and the County Down Museum (Northern Ireland).

Most recently, Fran has mounted solo exhibitions at The Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock Abbey, England, The Massachusetts State House (The Griffin Museum of Photography), AfterImage Gallery


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Forman image© Fran Forman

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