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VASA Front Page Exhibition

The VASA Front Page Exhibition
presents the work of a photographer, video and sound artist.

Jean-Pierre Duvergé

Peuple Indien

Duverge© Jean-Pierre Duvergé

Curator: Sandeep Biswas

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Artist Statement:

“My work can be considered as a political message because the knowledge about the other can lead to the love for each the other and therefore leading to a peaceful existence.”

My name is Jean-Pierre Duvergé. I was born in Bordeaux (France).
I started with photography 50 years ago. After a trip to India I realized that 90% of the images I made were portraits, as a result I found a new love towards photographing people.

Undoubtedly, it is the representation of the human character that fascinates me. I have a simple and an optimistic look towards the world where I wish to show the beauty of human diversity and its tenderness through my eyes.

I do not disdain the landscape but I consider the face as the most beautiful landscape.

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Curator note:

Jean-Pierre Duvergé is an adventurer, an explorer, an experience seeker and a photographer who is constantly tied to his camera. He has travelled extensively to many parts of the world including countries in Asia and Africa. This series of portraits made in the south of India is what I found particularly intriguing being an Indian myself. Jean-Pierre’s subjects somehow seem to be enjoying this curious attention of a visiting foreigner, and vice versa.

 An avid traveller, his love for people and portraits creates a unique blend of his own charm, an eagerness to connect and a visual sensibility. Even though he knows only French,  and thus speaks only in French even with the non French speaking world. He is a great example of how the barrier of multiple and diverse languages around the world can be broken by recreating a personal world of  communion through human touch and vision.

© Sandeep Biswas


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duverge© Jean-Pierre Duvergé

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VASA Front Page Exhibitions
presents the work of photographers,
film/video or sound artist.

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