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Andrea Torrei

Portrait of Woman

Torrei© Andrea Torrei

Curator: Sandeep Biswas

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Artist Statement:

In the crazy chaos of public places sometimes come quiet moments of time and space and the least and the nicest unexpected. Portrait of woman is an ongoing project about women I met by chance in towns and villages in different countries around the world. It portrays an instant in their culture and personal lives. The random request of information, a look, a smile, a mutual friendly curiosity, all trigger a sudden personal exchange when, with my camera, I capture an instant, a feeling, a certain detail of two strangers that have put aside their mistrust. It is a moment frozen in time when and where, as Mary Ellen Mark says, you always leave part of yourself behind.

© Andrea Torrei

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About the Photographer

Andrea Torrei is an Italian photographer based in Italy. She studied photography at CSF Adams and at Officine Fotografiche in Rome and attended several seminars and workshops exploring different genres, approaches and visions.

Street and documentary photography are her main interests working mainly on personal projects with special attention to gender and social issues.
Her work has been showcased in many international exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


Curator note:

Andrea Torrei’s “Portrait of Woman” what seems more like a confessions of a globe trotter, her immediate connnect to the the subjects, and a search for self and identity as a woman.

Andrea has been an avid traveller and a prolific photographer. Always on the move, she loves to reach out to women from various nationalities, cultures and engrosses herself within their personal spaces. Andrea uses the terms “chaotic” and “random” during her process and outreach towards her subjects and yet you can find the selectiveness in each image.

Each and every portrait is very thoughtfully blended with their environment, keeping a very individualistic character to each person. As a viewer one would be extremely curious to decifer each one and their respective worlds.

© Sandeep Biswas

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Torrei© Andrea Torrei

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