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VASA Front Page Project

The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer, video and sound artist.

Front Page #39 marks the start of ten years of exhibiting the work of international artist in the Front Page Project and to over 7000 VASA international members.

Igor Chekachkov


Sleep© IlIgor Chekachkov

For quite a while I have been photographing how I sleep with my partner, pondering if my camera can catch the chemistry that happens between two people dreaming side by side. Every night I open the shutter when we go to bed and close it when we wake up, wondering what will be displayed on the photo that captured 8 hours of our unconscious existence.


© IlIgor Chekachkov

Started as a photojournalist in 2008, Ukrainian Igor Chekachkov covered a wide range of cultural, mass and sports events. The path through photographic fields, weaving through years of work and searching, led the author to the field of art photography which he continues to explore. The boundaries between public and intimate spaces are the main focus for the artist today.

His work has been published in Forbes, National Geographic, The Guardian (UK), Le Monde (France), Wirtschafts Wochesince (Germany), Forbes (Ukraine), etc.

He exhibits his prints internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including La Quitreme Image, Paris (2014), Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris (2015), Ukrainian Museum, New York (2015), Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles (2015), Odessa // Batumi festival (2017) and many others.


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VASA Front Page
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