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The VASA Front Page Project
presents the work of a photographer, video and sound artist.

This Front Page marks three years of bringing
to VASA members the work of international artist.

Bill Davis

No Dark in Sight:
Light and the Night It Transforms

© Bill Davis

The photographs from No Dark in Sight convey how artificial light propels culture yet undermines the biosphere. Natural light divides the day but its artificial form interrupts the night. Why cross nature and time?

Unnatural light at night is tragically beautiful. It is hypnotic because it attracts attention. We dare to look. It is grotesque because it plagues the biosphere. We dare to wince. It is dangerous because it limits human performance. We dare to risk. As an artist who observes personal and public space, I photograph artificial light because it publically effects the personal space of our bodies and minds. Extended nighttime exposure makes us ill. Unnatural light is a known carcinogen.

Bill DavisNo Dark in Sight conveys the seductive power of light and overlooked value of darkness. Plato’s cave has never seemed more relevant. Artificial light is artificial intelligence. I’m just not sure if it is intelligent artificial intelligence.

This work is personal because the unnatural light photographed requires me to become part of its story. I am one of the many people that does not often achieve restorative sleep– partly due to No Dark in Sight. Sleeplessness has alarmingly negative effects on human performance.

When night looks like day, we have a problem. It’s unnatural. Quality of light affects quality of life. Look to cities and commerce for the unnatural light that hijacks the night. It is industrial devolution. This work meditates on our coexistence with light and how it shapes life– for better or worse.

Fake light is a real problem.



As an American artist known for narrative studio photography, Bill Davis evolved to use fellowships and grants to create sustainability-related art projects. His work is housed in numerous public and private collections. Selected publications include Exploring Color Photography, Light and Lens, Art Guide Australia, B&W, Aeqai, IDMAA, Teaching Photography, MAHB, and Atelier. Appearances include WMUK, WGVU, WWMT. He has lectured on his work and photography’s transformative impact to societies, schools, and conferences- from Harvard to Karlovo University.


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