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Anton Ivanov© Anton Ivanov: Kiev, 2014

goto: Wirness: Ukraine (http://vasaphotography.com/witness-ukraine/)

Witness: Ukraine is aimed at displaying images and videos of Ukrainian photographers and video makers to the world audience. The worldwide interest of recent events and conditions in the Ukraine have not received adequate media coverage. VASA, through its Witness platform is giving voice to individual image makers in the Ukraine. Although our primarily interest is in the recent political issues and developments of the civic society in the Ukraine, we do not limit your voice. All aspects of Ukraine’s contemporary life, all genres of photography and video from reportage to art photography/video will be represented.

General Guidelines for Submitting Images and Videos

In sending your files (photographs and/or videos, the owner agrees to the following:

  • All photographic or video work must be owned by the photographer or person submitting the files.
  • All files remain under the copyright of the owner.  VASA is not taking ownership of the files.
  • By submitting the files (photographs and /or videos) the owner grants permission to VASA to display the photographs and/or video as part of the Witness Ukraine Exhibitions, use them for promotion of VASA projects and events, and agrees that VASA may archive the photographs or videos for future viewing and reference.
  • VASA will not be held responsible for copied or downloaded files.

The selection of the work to be published, or time of publication, is solely at VASA Witness Ukraine Team’s discretion and cannot be disputed.

All videos submitted will be downloaded from YouTube and archived on the VASA site.

Submission: Photographs and/or videos

  • Each submission needs to have contact information (email, website, phone number) and a short biography of the photographer in English and/or Ukrainian/Russian. File format: word or text file. Please note if you want your contact information published. VASA will not publish your contact information unless you inform us.
  • Each submission needs a short description of the photographs in English and/or Ukrainian/Russian in the same as above.
  • Each submission is limited to 15 image files and/or 2 video clips (see video submission below).
  • All files submitted to the VASA Witness Ukraine project must be sent via email to “ witnessukraine@gmail.com “ in a “zipped” folder.  The folder’s name is the owner’s name.
  • Files produced by traditional cameras and smart phones are accepted.

File Format: Photography

  • Each file’s format needs to be jpeg or jpg
  • Each file must be set at 72 dpi
  • Each file is named as such (all lower case): first name-family name-number . Example: peter-rick-4/jpg
  • Each file must not be bigger than 1500 pixels wide.

File format: Video

  • Video authors are required to upload their video to a YouTube and provide the link
  • Video file names must include vasa-ukraine-author’s name

goto: Wirness: Ukraine (http://vasaphotography.com/witness-ukraine/)

About VASA

VASA is an online center for media studies with a focus on photography, digital art, and media studies.


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Aton Ivanov© Anton Ivnov 2014

Anton Ivanov© Anton Ivanov 2014

Vlad Krasnoschok© Vlad Krasnoschok 2014

Vlad Krasnoschok© Vlad Krasnoschok 2014