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Winter 2015 Dates: 1 March - 11 April (6 weeks)

Winter GPP group will be limited to 8 participants.

To be selected for participation in the GPP you must submit a portfolio. Information and contact form is provided below.

The VASA Global Photography Project (GPP) is designed to bring you together with other photographers from diverse international locations into small online working groups that bridge culture, language, custom, and geography using various internet-based social networking tools.

In addition to developing your skills and vision in photography, you will be engaged in a multicultural creative environment as you work with your fellow team members to create photography around a conceptual theme. At the end of the session, a juried online photography exhibition will be created from the team members' work and displayed on the VASA Exhibitions website.


As a participant, you will:

    • Be a part of an international team of 6-10 photographers.
    • Work with other artists who share your passion for photography in order to develop an online photography exhibit built upon a shared theme. Over 5000 international VASA members will have access to your group exhibition.
    • Be mentored and supported, as a team, by a VASA faculty-member throughout the process. (This is not a photography class)
    • Be challenged to take your art to the next level by your fellow team-members and your mentor.
    • Have your team's work carefully reviewed by a VASA Curator, who will be creating a juried exhibition of selected works from all the teams' final photographs. The juried exhibition will be posted to the VASA Exhibition site and promoted through InCamera, VASA's newsletter.


As a participant, you will be expected to:

    • Attend weekly interactive team meetings to discuss the team's work to date. (The team meetings are held in Google+ Hangouts. When you register you will be asked to indicate your best meeting times.)
    • Remain committed to the project and your team for the entire 6-week session.
    • Contribute often to the team's collaborative work in ongoing discussions and with new photographs that you take each week specifically for the project's theme.
    • Use the structure and tools provided by VASA, such as Facebook, to work with your team and display your photographs.
    • Although you will retain exclusive Copyright to your work (written, photographic, video, etc.), you will be expected to grant permission to VASA to display your work (credited with your name) on its website, newsletters, etc. In addition, it is important that you understand that anything you publish to your team's Facebook site will be public on the web.


The GPP offers two to four sessions per year:

    • Winter 2015: March 1 through April 11 (6 weeks)
      Registration closes 10 February . Accepted members will be notified as soon as possible.
    • Spring: 2015 dates not set
    • Informaiton will be posted in a future VASA InCamera.

Registration Notice:
Please complete the below form to receive regisrtation information.

Registration process will be online by 15 December, 2014.
Stay connected with VASA InCamera Newsletter for updates and information.

If you are under the age of 18, complete the parent/guardian permission form.


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you cannot find the answer there, please email us at:

GPP Advisory Board

    • Michael Amrose
    • Randy Pellis
    • Roberto Muffoletto

About VASA

VASA is an online center for media studies with a focus on photography, digital art, and media studies.

The purpose of the VASA Global Photography Project (GPP) is to build cultural awareness, recognition of diversity, collaboration skills, and creativity through the visual language of photography.

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Roberto Muffoletto

GPP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The GPP is limited to 8 participants. You must submit a portfolio to be considered.

Registration information will be announced through VASA's InCamrea Newsletter.

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