VASA ...On Photography
Conversations with photographers

Polish interview©   Malgorzata Wakuluk, Edyta Wojciechowsk, Roberto Muffoletto

Jestesmy w tym razem
We are in this together

Special video screening in cooperation with the Polish Women Photographers group and VASA.

Magical Realism: Latina Photographers
in Argentina

Veronica Romaneghi

VASA Online Journal on Images and Culture
Theme: Can An Artist Create Their Own Unique Language

Mile Amrose

VASA Journal on Image and Culture:
"Do We Create Reality"
Dan duda

Double Slit image

Livio Senigalliesi
Imagine No Heaven

Livio Senigellesi

Juul Kraijer

Juul Kraijer

Alena Grom
Gray Zone: Six Video works on Donbas, Ukraine

Grom films

Magical Realism:
Latin American Woman Photographers: Mexico

The VASA Project is designed as an online center for media studies focused on photography, digital video, criticism, visual studies, and new media.

The VASA Project is based upon the union of two familiar environments: the traditional media center model and online networked communities.

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